The Shadow

What do you do when you wither and suffer?

Clenching hands in a tight grip.
Don't falter,
Don't let the wall come down.
Look through the glass that's cracking.
There's a shadow always lurking,
It sees your weakness, feeds from it.
You fight it with all your strenght,
but it always comes back.
All you can do is push it away.
Lock the cage for as long as you can.
On the outside, there's nothing but pieces put together for the world.
On the inside, the constant battle.
You can't erase the presence of the shadow.
It's always there.
And it wants to come out.

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Quem escreve

Quem escreve
Thais Pampado. 20 anos. Escritora e estudante de Produção Editorial. Apaixonada por livros e por escrever. Lê praticamente qualquer gênero, mas tem uma paixão especial por fantasia e YA.
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2015 Reading Challenge
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